TFDA Organization

In order to fulfil its mission of protecting and promoting public health, TFDA is organized into four Directorates and Zone offices .
At the top of the structure is the Permanent Secretary,  Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children, who is responsible for strategic issues with regards to the TFDA’s performance. S/he is accountable to the Minister responsible for health who is again advised by TFDA Ministerial Advisory Board (MAB).


tfda director generalMs. Agnes Sitta Kijo

Agnes Sitta Kijo is a Pharmacist by profession (Dr. MGR University in Chennai, India) and the Acting Director General at the Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA). She holds a Master degree in Pharmaceutical Technology from Kings College London. She has 18 years work experience in regulatory affairs with a strong background in regulatory systems strengthening including Medicines and Medical Devices Assessment and Registration Systems, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices manufacturing processes, Post Marketing Surveillance and Regulatory Harmonization. She was actively involved in WHO Project to strengthen regulation of In Vitro Diagnostics in Tanzania, main elements of the project being Post Marketing Surveillance of Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits for HIV and Malaria, Testing, Development of Medical Devices Regulations and Guidelines for assessment of technical file, Adverse Events monitoring and Control of importation and exportation of medical devices.  In 2016, She participated in developing the WHO Model Framework for Regulating Medical Devices representing  the African continent.

The Director General (DG) is the overall Chief Executive of the organization. The Director General is responsible for the day to day operations of the Authority. The Director General's office is comprised of the Legal Counsel, Internal Audit, Quality Management, Procurement and Communication and Public Relations Units. These five units are responsible for providing Supportive Services in areas not linked to any of the specialized directorates. Moreover, all seven (7) TFDA Zone Offices are under the Director General's office.

Directorate of Food Safety

Dr. Candida P. Shirima (PhD)
Acting Director, Food Safety

This Directorate is responsible for ensuring safety and quality of food to be manufactured, imported, distributed or sold for human consumption.The Directorate performs food inspection services, pre-market evaluation and registration of food products and food premises, food risk analysis, food import and export certification, disposal of unfit foods,  Control of Food Borne Diseases, post-marketing surveillance of foods and food promotion control.

Directorate of Medicines and Complimentary Products

Mr. Adam Mitangu Fimbo
Director,  Medicines and Complementary Products

Mr. Adam Mitangu Fimbo is a Pharmacist by profession and the Director of Medicines and Complementary Products at Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA). Prior to that Mr. Fimbo was the Manager of the Clinical Trials and Pharmacovigilance. He holds Masters of Science degree in Clinical Trials (London School of Hygiene Pharmaceutical Services and Tropical Medicines,United Kingdom) and Masters of Science in Pharmaceutical Services and Medicines Control (University of Bradford, United Kingdom). Mr. Fimbo has pioneered the establishment of an effective regulatory system within TFDA that has enabled the Authority to become one of the best Authorities in Africa including attaining ISO 9001 certification.

This Directorate is responsible for regulation of all medicinal products (human, veterinary and herbal medicines), cosmetics, medical devices, in vitro diagnosis as well as antiseptics and disinfectants.This is done through thorough evaluation of quality, safety and efficacy, inspection and enforcement as well as post marketing surveillance of the regulated products. The Directorate is also responsible for control of clinical trials and Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) monitoring and evaluation.

Directorate of Laboratory Services

tfda director generalDr. Danstan Hipolite (PhD)
Director, Laboratory Services

Dr. Danstan Hipolite is a Pharmacist by profession and the Director of Laboratory Service at Tanzania Food and Drugs Authority (TFDA). He holds a Master degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences majoring in Drug Analysis and Quality Control from Ghent University, Belgium. He attained his PhD in Pharmaceutical Science with a research on Analytical Methods Development and Validation from Free University of Brussel, Belgium. Dr. Hipolite has vast experience in Medicine, Cosmetics and Medical Devices quality control with a career sparring from Laboratory Analyst, Head of Section forTechnical Support and Research and as a Manager for Medical Devices Testing and Technical Support. 

This Directorate is responsible for conducting laboratory analysis of food, medicines and cosmetics and testing of medical devices and diagnostics for enhancing decision-making within the Authority.

Directorate of Business Support

TFDA Director of Business DevelopmentMr. Chrispin Severe
Director, Business Support

Mr. Severe is a Pharmacist by Profession. He holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) majoring in Service Marketing from University of Dar es Salaam. He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma on Medicines Management in International Health and Diploma in Development Journalism ( from InWent Capacity Building Institute, Germany and Indian Institute of Mass Communication) respectively. Mr. Severe has worked as Director of  Business Development since August, 2016. Prior to this position, he served at several technical and supporting positions within TFDA and the then Pharmacy Board including being Manager of Public Education and Customer Care, Public Education Officer and Drug Information Officer and also  served as a Chairperson of TFDA’s Technical Committee on Post Marketing Surveillance (PMS) as well as a members of Editorial Committee and Premises Registration Technical Committee. 

This Directorate is established to provide and enhance good management of TFDA’s resources and to give support to all technical operations of the Authority. It is involved with Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation, development and implementation of public education programmes and Customer Care services, Information and Communication Technology services, Finance and Human Resources and Administration activites.